A hands on HR professional, executive and team coach, author and public speaker dedicated to guiding you through the people challenges you face, allowing you to focus on growing your business surrounded by the best people.

My story

From Head of Strategy and Policy within the Office of the Prime Minister to transforming HR departments, to developing leaders within the private sector with Vodafone, Deloitte and AMSM I can safely say that my career has been as challenging as it has been diverse. Through it, I have been able to develop a sharp strategic outlook and a deep understanding of people and leadership. Backed by a strong academic background, I am able to understand people, foster trust and bring them together with a view to carving out lasting solutions to leadership and people challenges.

My international career has offered me the platform to be at the heart of change and transformation wherever I was, leaving a legacy and an impact on the people and places I have worked with.

Today, I am an HR specialist, accredited executive coach and a team coach working with people and organisations to identify their challenges and create the necessary self-awareness to be able to work through them.

People and organisations are my forte. I understand them and understand their challenges. Often one needs to step onto the balcony to see what is going on below. My time in Government and in the private sector has given me an invaluable insight into organisations and people across different industries. I myself have transformed as I have the organisations I worked with. It is this insight that allows me to easily identify the challenges at play and work on effective solutions that bring everybody on board. With people there can be no losers, just developmental goals and improved awareness.

My public service career

For the first 15 years of my career, I was a serving diplomat. Serving overseas and gaining exposure to the highest echelons of government as the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Private Secretary gave me a unique insight into the public sector and what motivates and drives people to serve.

The highlight of my diplomatic career was in 2011 when I was on the leading team of Malta’s response to the Libya Crisis. This led to my appointment as the Head of Strategy and Policy within the Office of the Prime Minister which put me at the centre of all government policy making. During these years I was able to develop a sense of handling a crisis and working under intense pressure and scrutiny.

Book launch

On becoming an author

During this time, I wrote a book ‘Stolen Childhood’ – a true story of a Welsh woman who I assisted during the Libya crisis and whose children had been abducted to Libya by her husband. This 3-year project gave me an incredible insight teaching me how to listen and be curious and write which has always been a passion of mine.  

My move to HR and executive coaching

In 2014 I moved into the private sector and transferred my diplomatic skill set into the human resource functions across the telecoms, financial as well as food importation and distribution industries. Working with international companies such as Vodafone, Deloitte and one of Malta’s largest companies and leading and transforming HR strategy has brought me into direct contact with being responsible for growing and developing people.

This is where I looked at the idea of taking the sum of my experiences and channelling my self-awareness into becoming an Executive Coach. This was the beginning of my coaching journey aimed at developing a wider skill set to facilitate my client’s development and assist with their self-belief and leadership potential.



  • Post-graduate in Team Coaching, Ashridge Hult Business School, London, UK. (2020 – 2022)
  • Masters in Executive Coaching, Ashridge Hult Business School, London, UK. (2018- 2021)
  • Masters in EU Politics and Administrative Studies, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium. (2000)
  • Masters in Conflict Resolution, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK. (1999)

It's all about human connections

My personality lends itself to working with people and understanding their core needs. My experience of studying, living and working in Cyprus, the US, the UK, Belgium and Italy has exposed me to a world beyond my shores. This has allowed me to recognise that ultimately it is human connections that make all the difference. This is what I communicate when working with clients, speaking at a public forum or coaching people. I am able to connect with people, providing a safe space to explore new possibilities and recognise opportunities.

My exposure to different careers, different industries, and different countries has provided me with the skillset to coach businesses, teams and leaders through their own unique journey.

She event

My TEDx Talk

Imagine being in a shopping mall bustling with people when all of a sudden, your toddler bursts into a hysteric tantrum. A crowd circles around you to follow the spectacle. What's the 'normal' reaction expected in those circumstances?

The Topic of my talk? "The 'Like' Generation". In this TEDx Talk I explore how most of our interactions, both online and offline are now spurred by the constant desire for self-validation.

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