Breathe … It’s another HR Day

Breathe … It’s another HR Day

I have always described my days as an HR Manager as requiring a heavy dose of something strong each morning. For this is what it takes to handle the day to day requirements of any HR department. They say teaching is difficult, try HR.

Your job in HR actually starts the minute most members of staff switch off for the day and possibly not even then. It’s a 24/7 job. Waiting for the latest on the Coronavirus and working out how this will affect staff, answering to someone who has woken up sick and needs to be replaced and many many more.

The truth is that the HR department should represent the beating pulse of any organization, big or small. It is where the leadership meets the people and works tirelessly to balance the business interest with those of the staff. Its clients are the people.

In reality, the HR department is often overlooked as a necessary cost centre. One interacts with HR if your pay cheque is wrong or your leave entitlement hasn’t been computed correctly or many other mundane administrative tasks. It is for this reason that HR is often seriously undervalued and keeps attracting the admin personality to its offices.

The larger corporations have for years invested in the transformation of their HR departments into people centred strategic departments. This requires more than just a vision. It necessitates a change in skill set within the HR department increasing in people skills and digital skills. This has never been a more exciting time to look into HR. Covid-19 has provided the platform for a rethink in the way we manage our people and the HR structures required to ensure we retain and keep our best motivated in increasingly challenging environments. 

A commitment to HR requires a few first steps.

1. Ensure that HR has a seat at the table;

2. Understand the current role of HR;

3. Capture a vision for your people.

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