Join the Dots – Invitation to join a journey

Join the Dots – invitation to join a journey

20 years ago we were graduating from the College of Europe, swelling with pride that we had pulled through a very challenging year and excited to see what life held beyond the college walls.

We are now in our 40s and all at different stages in life yet carrying the experiences that we have had over the past two decades. Our joys, our sorrows, successes and failures have all contributed to making us who we are today.


It is also a time for reflection and anticipation of the next few decades ahead.

Whatever our situation most of us would have questioned how we arrived at this stage.

Wonder whether there was anything we could have done differently and sometimes agonize as to whether this was it. Is this what we dreamt of when walking through the cobbled streets of Bruges? Is this what life had in store or is there more?  

We are writing to you today as two anciennes that have been asking ourselves exactly the same questions. Is this all that life has to offer or is there something we are missing?

We were both part of the Von Humboldt Promotion (1999-2000) and lived on the same corridor in Oude Zak. Whilst we were not part of the same department, 20 years later our paths have crossed in a very serendipitous way. We were both seeking new meaning to our lives. The boxes were all ticked, family, children, career and friends yet for some reason we both felt disconnected.

Looking for new challenges after our respective careers in national administrations and diplomacy, training and business, we both dived into a career as Executive Coaches. It offered a new step in our careers but also represented a journey into ourselves, which has allowed us to rediscover what really makes us happy.

By taking control of our own happiness and business, we have both found renewed meaning to life which has allowed us the possibility of looking at life with renewed hope and perspective. Most of all we have discovered the joys of reaching out for support and reflecting upon our lives.

This is when the idea of offering our journey to you, who like us had big dreams in Bruges and who like us have travelled the path of life over the past decades.

We want to bring you a supportive, non-judgmental, confidential and safe space to reflect upon what you have achieved so far and make sense of it. We would like to help you reconnect all the aspects of your life.

Considering additional challenges over the past year with COVID pandemic, economic crisis and earthquakes in some parts of Europe, we are aware of even increased need for support to handle it all.

To start the journey and Join the Dots, we kindly invite you to join us for a complimentary masterclass. This will be held on the 25 February 2021. Click on this link and join us – you will not look back.

We look forward to seeing you all again!

Kind regards,
Dinka and Mikela

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