Upstream is Officially a Registered Supplier for Business Enhance

Upstream is Officially a Registered Supplier for Business Enhance

What is Business Enhance and what does this mean for Upstream?

Upstream, founded by a hands-on HR professional, executive, author, public speaker and team coach, is dedicated to guide you through any business challenges that you might face. This, in turn, will allow you time to focus on growing your business in the best way possible. Simply put, Upstream will bring out the best in you and your business. 

With that in mind, Upstream is now an official registered supplier for a government scheme called Business Enhance

What is Business Enhance?

The Business Enhance grant scheme supports enterprises that seek to undertake investment projects. Aimed at securing a sustainable growth business, the Business Enhance scheme encourages small to medium sized businesses to be more competitive, innovative and to adapt to market challenges. 

The scheme also focuses on the integration of eCommerce services through online sales portals which will enable businesses to open up their horizons to new markets. Its target groups are micro enterprises, small enterprises, and medium-sized enterprises. 

If your business registration is successful, the government will aid you in a maximum grant of €5,000, together with part-financing of up to 50% of eligible expenditure. The eligible costs include domain registration, hosting fees, content management system, e-Commerce website and mobile application design, shopping cart integration and other relevant set-up fees. 

How can Upstream help you?

Now a registered supplier for the Business Enhance scheme, Upstream can help you and your business in a variety of ways. We can be your helping hand to get your business in a top-notch form, destined to succeed. 

For starters, Upstream can transform your HR organisational team. Most HR departments in a lot of local companies are administrative in nature and do not recognise their crucial role in the business. We will help you develop a workforce that is aligned with your company’s vision. 

Another strong suit of ours is coaching. Our team at Upstream can help you develop your skills to minimise burn outs, over reactions and the risk of becoming too emotional when things do not go your way, leading to flawed decision making. Through our executive coaching services, we will help you thrive so that you never lose focus of your business goals. 

We will also play an active role in coaching your team. For business success, it is highly important to develop a better synergy and more confidence in your teams. This will make a more efficient and effective business. 

Our aim is to always work, hand-in-hand, with companies to determine their vision and mission. Together, we will define the issue that is hindering your business to success, determine an action plan and engage for success. 

We strongly believe that building a strong business from within is the basis of building a business for success. That is why Upstream, together with the Business Enhance scheme, can truly help your business to thrive and be the very best it can be. With our internal structuring and the scheme’s financial aid, we are giving a strong and solid standing chance to small and medium-sized businesses.  

For more information about Upstream and/or the Business Enhance scheme, do not hesitate to book an initial chat with us. Let us help you bring out the best in your business!

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