Executive Coaching

Develop your skills for you to get a good understanding of what makes you tick and how you can thrive.

A people leader

We thrive when we have a clear vision and are working at our best potential to get there. Unfortunately, we often go through life with little time to stop and think about where we are going and how we will get there.

As a leader you might experience burn out, over react, become emotional, take quick and flawed decisions and loose focus.

This is far from ideal!


Achieving your goals

I can help you stop and think about where your career is going. Our partnership will provide you with a safe and non-judgemental space where you will gain a better awareness and understanding of your needs. We can then work on those difficult and stuck patterns that may be preventing you from fully achieving your goals.

Together, we will reflect upon your goals and what you wish to achieve and through a gradual developmental approach you will become more clear and more intentional of your actions and choices.  

You will gain visibility and understanding of what makes you tick and how you can thrive.

Working together

1. Chemistry session

We start with a chat to get to know each other and see if we can work together. Should this be commissioned by your company then this meeting should also include your direct manager and/or HR.

2. Goal setting and contracting

This session is aimed at creating a mutual understanding about roles and goals. It is an agreement between me and you about how we will work together.

3. Six sessions of coaching

Each session will be of 1 hour duration every 3 to 4 weeks. The aim is to create a safe and non-judgemental space to be able to explore and be curious about yourself. 

Bringing out the best in you and your people

Deep down, you know that something feels off. You’re working hard, but it never seems to get any easier. Your teams meet up regularly but are not working efficiently. Sometimes it feels like your whole organisation is not really understanding what you're trying to achieve.

This is a very common problem which can be easily resolved through a mix of clear strategic direction, executive and team coaching. 

It’s time to tap into the potential your people have to make a real difference to business success.

Let's start with a chat

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